NVCC MANAGEMENT SEMINAR “Daiwa House Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Higuchi”

2018/10/17(Wed)@Global Business Hub Tokyo

Daiwa House Group expects to reach $40B in revenue this fiscal year, and targets $100B in 2055, its 100th anniversary.

Chairman and CEO Mr. Higuchi respectfully recalled his episodes with the founder, Mr. Nobuo Ishibashi.

Mr. Ishibashi noticed that some plants such as bamboo and rice survived a powerful typhoon which destroyed houses. Inspired by those plants’ structure, the “Pipe House” made of steel pipes became the first product.

The “Midget House”, launched 4 years later, became a huge success as an affordable study room. The inspiration came from a child playing by a river, who told Mr. Ishibashi that he had no place at home.

Gaining deep insight from natural environment gave Mr. Ishibashi and his company the chance to success.

Daiwa House Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Higuchi respectfully recalled his episodes with the founder, Mr. Nobuo Ishibashi


Mr. Higuchi gave personal advice to many entrepreneurs during the networking session

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NVCC Technology Seminar “Robots in our future life”

2016/10/27(Thu)@Global Business Hub Tokyo

Mankind cannot survive 120+ years unless it replaces its body to inorganic devices.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro stressed that mankind’s endless pursuit of survival will drive technology adaption.

Researchers and entrepreneurs acknowledged that robotics and virtual reality are already changing our life, and provided various insights into business opportunities.


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Global Group
(2016/5 Tokyo Mothers-IPO)

bootstrapped 10 years ago
now leading the industry

Bootstrapped 10 years ago, Globalgroup (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has grown to an organization of 1,000+ child care staff, expecting 9.3 billion yen annual sales this year, surpassing other industry peers.

Daycare shortage is serious in Japan.

Service providers are in a typical “seller’s market” situation, but most of them are struggling in staff recruiting.
Contrastively, Globalgroup has gained strong reputation among nursery workers.
200 new proffessionals joined the company this year. Employee turnover stay as low as 10%+ compared to the industry average of 30%+.
“The secret sauce is simple. Respect employee as proffesional. We never suffered of staff shortage” says CEO Nakasho. “Other service providers push additional commitment such as English lesson or late-night care but those services are based on parents’ point of view. We put our employee’s point of view top priority. We do not accept late-night care. We treat English not as a language eduation but an opportunity to experience diverse culture. Which make big difference in our staff’s perception and their motivation.”

“Respect as proffesional” culture attracts new applicants
Competitors are blaming their staff shortage

Nakasho started his career at Kobeya, a popular bakery chainstore, as a new graduate and earned a strong background in store development.
At age 31, he moved to a child care center startup, founded by his colleague.
Spending time with kids, he realized that child care requires highly professional skill. He was also shocked by the low salary and oppressive working conditions such as overtime work.

The center itself enjoyed nice profit, founded on the ultimate sacrifices.
He passed a certification exam as child care nurse by himself, but felt disgusted with such a distorted industry structure, even considered going back to his home town.
Luckily, he learned about an incentive program, child care center start-up support for individuals and decided to run by himself.

He aggressively implemented new standards in the industry, such as two days off every week, no-over work, overseas training. Principal staff’s monthly salary has been increased to 330,000 yen from 220,000 yen in his company. This affected industy average wage later. “Other providers followed our compensation, but no one could replicate our foundation, which is nurse-centric child care for children”.

The company is now flooded with requests for new openings. At full operation, its development schedule is maxed out until 2023.







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